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Black Word Cards Bundle

Black Word Cards Bundle

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These 144 single word cards and 24 couplet cards are the next steps in teaching your baby or child to read.

As explained in the book How To Teach Your Baby To Read, the Big Red Word Cards are the first step in teaching your baby to read. As your child's visual pathway matures, the next steps include reducing the print size and using black print for better contrast.

Our Black Word Cards provide parents with 12 sets of 12 single word cards and 2 sets of 12 couplet cards. Cards are 3" X 14" on card stock, with 1.5" high letters.

Packaged by category, these materials help parents to continue an exciting reading program with their baby or child. The 144 single word cards provide plenty of opportunity to create new couplets and phrases.

The Black Word Card collection includes:

144 Single Word Cards

Actions (12)
Buildings (12)
Clothing (12)
Colors (12)
Fruits (12)
Kitchen Items (12)
Opposites (12)
Parts of a House (12)
Possessions (12)
Shapes (12)
Transportation (12)
Vegetables (12)

24 Couplet Cards

Color Couplets (12)
Opposite Couplets (12)

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