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Big Red Word Cards Bundle

Big Red Word Cards Bundle

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These single word cards and couplet cards are the first steps in teaching your baby to read. Following the guidelines in the book How To Teach Your Baby To Read, each 6" x 22" card presents a single word or couplet in large red print. Packaged by category, these materials help parents to begin an exciting reading program with their babies.

Purchase all 10 sets of our Big Red Word Cards as a package.

The collection includes:
Parts of the Body (20 cards)
Objects (12 cards)
Food (12 cards)
Possessions (12 cards)
Animals (12 cards)
Actions (12 cards)
Colors (12 cards)
Opposites (20 cards)
Color Couplets (10 cards)
Opposite Couplets (12 cards)

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