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BASIC Your Smart Baby's Newborn Program

BASIC Your Smart Baby's Newborn Program

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The Essential Program for Measuring and Enriching Your Baby’s First Year of Life
by Glenn Doman® and Janet Doman


This program, designed for use with the book How Smart Is Your Baby?TM , contains the materials you need to develop and nurture your newborn’s full potential. It contains essential materials needed for enriching your baby’s first year of life, including:

  • Two black-and-white checkerboard posters
  • Two checkerboard posters with color detail
  • Five face cards
  • 21 outline cards
  • 10 Dot Cards®
  • 21 detail cards
  • 10 color fruit cards
  • 10 black word cards
  • 22 red word cards
  • 5 blank 11" x 11" cards
  • Daily checklists

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