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BASIC How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Program

BASIC How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Program

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This program is perfect for those who already have the book How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence and want to get a quick start on reading, math, and encyclopedic knowledge.

It contains:

            Reading Materials

  • Large reading word cards (75 single word cards, 27 couplet cards, 13 phrase cards, and 5 sentence cards) all leading up to your child's first book.
  • Enough, Inigo, Enough, a full-color, high-quality, hardcover book.
  • Certificate of Achievement to award on the day your baby reads his first book!

    Note: The words in this program are 2.25 inches tall and are best for an 18-month-old. For younger children, make your own cards 3 inches tall.

    Math Materials
  • Dot Cards 0 to 100 on 11" by 11" sturdy poster board. This revised and updated program provides up to 28 equations on the back of each card.

    Encyclopedic Knowledge Materials
  • Four categories of BIT OF INTELLIGENCE cards with 10 cards in each category - Leaves, Endangered Animals, Foreign Languages, and Composers (Bits are subject to change without notice). Forty beautiful cards in all, with 10 facts on the back of each one.

    Note: Elements of this program are also found in the Read, Math, and Encyclopedic Knowledge programs.

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