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What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child

What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child

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Or Your Brain-damaged, Mentally Retarded, Mentally Deficient,
Cerebral-palsied, Epileptic, Autistic, Athetoid, Hyperactive,
Attention Deficit Disordered, Developmentally Delayed, Downs Child.

By Glenn Doman®

Hardcover - 318 pages

In this landmark book, Glenn Doman—pioneer in the treatment of the brain-injured—brings hope to thousands of children, many inoperable, many given up for lost and doomed to live in a frightening, even dangerous world.

In this valuable volume for parents and professionals, Glenn Doman documents The Institutes® more than 65-year success with the brain-injured, citing statistics and case histories, and illustrating the basic principles of brain development with charts, diagrams and drawings.

The author explains why the old theories and techniques have failed. He defines The Institutes philosophy and revolutionary treatment of the brain rather than the body, recounts his staff's worldwide research, and details their tireless efforts to refine the treatment of brain injury.

He reveals their lifesaving techniques and their tools to measure – and ultimately improve – mobility, language, manual, visual, auditory and tactile development, including unique methods of patterning, masking and motivation. In addition, Glenn Doman explains The Institutes individualized home program in which parents, and love, are the vital ingredients. All of this is so that the brain-injured child can one day live with his peers, not in an institution.

The great majority of children will do better than their parents had dared hope on the basis of prior experience with the conventional methods. With others, there will be disappointment. However, any and all improvement in the child will have been accomplished by parents – those commonly ignored, sometimes despised, frequently patronized, almost-never-believed people.

This book is the first book in history, to my knowledge, which tells how to treat brain-injured children, why to treat brain-injured children, and most precisely what happened to a group of brain-injured children when they were so treated.” - Raymundo Veras, MD

The true and touching story of the efforts of an obviously highly educated group of workers who believe thoroughly in what they are doing. . . (who) have unquestionably helped many children and their families.” - Louise B. Ames, The Gessell Institute for Child Development

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