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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you the same people who produce Your Baby Can Read by Dr. Robert C. Titzer?

A: NO! Glenn Doman began the revolution in early learning in 1963 when he wrote How To Teach Your Baby To Read. This monumental work has sold 5 million copies, been translated into 22 languages and has blossomed into over 120 products including books, videotapes, audio lectures, CD-ROMs and Bit of Intelligence® cards, designed to assist parents to teach their children to read, understand math and gain encyclopedic knowledge.

Q: In the Bookstore, how do I change the quantity of my shopping cart if I accidentally acquire too many products?

A: To change the quantity of your shopping cart, click on the Shopping Cart Button in the top blue menu. On the Shopping Cart page under the word "Quantity", change the number in the field to the desired number and then click the "Update" button to the right of the number.

Q: In the Bookstore, I get a "You are entering a secure web page" or "you are leaving a secure web page" message. How do I know that my credit card transaction is secure?

A: On every Bookstore page there is a "Secure Site, Click to Verify" link to Verisign, our authentication and encryption service. The security status of our site can be viewed at that link. Some browser's preferences are set to tell you when you are entering or leaving a secure site.

Q: What is a P.O.I.?

A: P.O.I. stands for program of intelligence. For more information about P.O.I.s please contact The Institutes.

Q: How do I use PayPal to make purchases in the Bookstore?

A: Select PayPal at checkout and follow the printed directions. PayPal lets any consumer with an email address securely send payments online. It's best to create an account with PayPal before attempting to use this option. For more information on PayPal's policies click here.

Q: How do you calculate shipping?

A: We use the UPS shipping calculator choosing to insure your purchase. Instead of building the additional costs into our products like other companies, we have kept shipping and handling expenses exactly where they belong, in the shipping and handling category. We do not make money on shipping and handling.

Q: Can I get a catalog of your products?

A: Yes, email us at or you can download a PDF file (2.8 MB) of the catalog by clicking here. (if you need an Adobe Acrobat Reader in which to view the PDF file, click here)

Q: Can I be a wholesale customer?

A: Probably not, we do not give whole sale accounts to individuals. We only give accounts to incorporated bookstores. Call us at 410-337-5400 to find out if your business qualifies.

Q: Can I print the Picture Dictionary CD-ROM pictures and use them as Bit of Intelligence® cards?

A: No, they are designed for learning language not programs of intelligence.

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